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corrupt optical drive after Win-10 Rollback

CV/DVD Drive

Disc read won't read anything.

Disc drive broken

Disc drive not reading discs

Disappearing CD/DVD Drive

Disappearing dvd drive

Disc drive not responding - Acer E5-511

Don't see the optical drive unless you start it up?

Does this mobo have the cables for an RW drive?

drive won't read DVD's or CD's

Driver doesn't reconize any DVD's anymore

DVD Drive Unable to Recognize DVD Discs

DVD drive is "removeable hardware"

DVD drive - Windows 8

DVD drive acting very strangely.

DVD drive disappears and reappears

dvd drive isn't recognised after Windows 10 upgrade

DVD drive for Aspire E5-772

DVD drive not recognized

dvd drive lost

dvd drive not reconized

DVD drive missing on Windows 10

DVD drive not working after OCTOBER 2016 Windows 10 update

Dvd is missing from my computer

Dvd Rom disappearing from Windows and bios.

DvD drive keeps opening

DVD Drive makes loud noise on Acer Aspire ES1-512-.

DVD drive not refreshing when new disk inserted.

Dvd drive unable to read discs

DVD drive will not read dvd or burn in Windows 8.1

DVD drive will not recognize CDs or DVDs after Upgrading to .

dvd drive is not shown in device manager but show in bios

DVD drive will read CD but not DVD

DVD drive is missing from My Computer

dvd drive grinding noise

DVD driver does not read any disks

dvd driver missing

DVD drive will not play any disk

dvd burner driver

DVD drive missing

DVD worked in Win 7 but not in Win 10

dvd drive wont read legit vista dvd

DVD not recognized.

DVD/CD-ROM Read Problems

dvd drive no longer works (Windows 10?)

DVD drive is powered off

dvd drive can read and write but can't burn

dvd drive won't read dvd's

DVD Drive can't read a CD from 1988

dvd-rw not recognized

DVD / CD Has Disapeared

dvd burner in laptop has quit letting me play disc in dvd pl.

DVD Drive fails to read data discs

dvd drive on Dell Inspiron 1520

DVD drive on Windows 10

DVD Drive Problem - Drive holds last disk's info

DVD not detected

dvd drive specs

DVD Drive not automatically reading discs

DVD Ram Disc Driver Wont Load

DVD RW Drive Isn't Reading Discs

DVD-RW fails to recognize DVD-RW disc when inserted in drive.

DVD reader needs connector

DVD Isn't Recognized

DVD's not being read in drive.

dvd driver

DVD drive failure?

DVD ROM not reading any disc

DVD-Device goes away every 5 seconds

DVD/CD not reading

DVD drive problems

DVD writing not working in lenovo z50-70

DVD/CD SATA drive not reading disks

DVD drive

DVD Driver Won't Work

DVD Drives

DVD drive ejects automatically || HP2000-2120TU

DVD drive is gone. :( Please help.

DVD/CD player spins constantly

DVDs not detected.

DVD Drive help

DVD drive not reading DVDs properly?

DVD-ROM gone missing

DVD-Rom not detected

DVD will not read then disappears from my computer and device manager

DVD suddenly has driver problem

DVD not working in my inspiron 1720

DVD ROM only reads CD's now

DVD writer is not closing after installing the Windows 8 in .

dvd drive can not read written files on disks

DVD drive recognition issue

DVD/CD drive doesn't read media

DVD drive will only read CDRs

DVD drive doesn't work

DVD video not recognised - DVD Roms are?

dvd drive open automatically

DVD/RW not responding - can't find solution

DVD drive not recognized by device manager

dvdrw optical drive does'nt do anything

External DVD burner will only read discs

External Optical Drive from Old Laptop Not Working

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